Thursday, February 9, 2017

Abraham Lincoln by Grant Gupton

Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin

He was born in Hodgenville, Ky on February 12, 1809
His mom was named Nancy, his dad was Thomas, and his sister was Sarah.
  Abraham Lincoln's BIO
His mom died when he was 9 years old.
He loved to read about American Government.
He would walk 50 miles to borrow a new book.
Age 19 he became a lawyer.
He taught himself, he never attended school.
While working at the store his customers gave him the nick name of Honest Abe.  


 He was 30 years old when he met Mary Todd.
He was born in the log cabin and she was born in a fancy house. They both lost their mom in young age.
They were married on November 4th  1842.

The Lincoln Family
The Lincoln family moved to Springfield, Illinois as he was against slavery.
He had 4 boys Robert Todd, Tad, Edward Baker and William Wallace.
Eddy died at age 4.
On the Move
The Lincoln's moved to Washington, DC to become of member of congress.
He became the 18th President of United States.
Many people didn’t like Lincoln because he wanted to stop slavery.
The civil war began.  

Lincoln's Death

On April 15th  1865, he and his wife, Mary Todd, went to a theater. During the show, he was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth. 
This 20 foot statue is inside of the Lincoln memorial
His face is on the penny and the 5 dollar bill.