Monday, December 5, 2016

Tommy's Grateful Journal

By Tommy Steiner.

  • Little Cousins Bernie and Lukie
  • Friends Lauren and Tammi
  • My brother's shows
  • My papa in heaven 
  • My teacher Cooke and Disney
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH)
  • Derby Dinner shows and Bekki Jo
  • Meaningful Day
  • YMCA and Mrs. Sherrell and Garrett and Gracie
  • Providence High School
  • Eating at Chic Fil A
  • Swimming at the Y
  • CYO Camp
  • Patsy
  • Jeffery and eating rice at Panda Express
  • Tom and Diane and Father Dan
  • Coach Berry and Providence ballgames
  • Sound of Music at New Albany HS
  • Getting to watch Annie DVD
  • Chris Burke
  • Shopping at JayC and going to Robbie's house
  • Dad's swim trunks
  • Charlotte and Bernadette and Luke and Sam
  • Floyd Central and IUS
  • Mary Poppins 
  • Doug and Ron and Forsees 
  • Joe Dotson
  • Carly and Carly's mom
  • Kathleen's Wedding
  • High School Musical
  • Joe and Nick and Steven 
  • Jeff's Wedding 
  • Glen Lake
  • Music in Dad's car
  • Me and Lauren Bird
  • IU and SIGS
  • My Brother
  • Me and Paige and her dog Huck
  • Ed and Steve 
  • Brenden and Leah and the Buddy Walk
  • Baby Clare and Luke
  • OLPH Church and Peggy's house
  • Christmas Music 
  • Mom and Dad (This one was spoken to the class.) 


  1. Aw...Tommy, I am also so grateful for YOU. Love, Carly's Mom ��

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