Monday, December 5, 2016

Facebook Safety -by Megan Goodman

  1. Never share password 
  2. Think before you post 
  3. Adjust your privacy settings
  4. Only be friends with people you know in Real Life 
  5. be nice 
Questions- Answered by Megan.
Q- A stranger that I have never met before sent me a friend request on Facebook. Should I say yes? (Accept?)
A- No WAY!!

Q- Someone asked for my password. Should I give it to them?
A- No WAY!

Q- My friend made me mad and I want to write something mean about her on Facebook. Or make a mean video about her.
A- you Should not That not nice

Facebook is fun if you are using it safely

1 comment:

  1. Great work, Megan. I miss you, too. I'm glad you are working hard for Carly, and learning Facebook safety. BE SAFE!!! Love Becky