Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm a Guy Who Likes Chick Flicks

By Connor Dawson

A Chick Flick is a movie  that women like more than men. They are about love and romance. 

Famous Ones
¨Gone with the Wind 
¨Dirty Dancing
¨The Notebook

Ones I Like 
¨The Lucky One
¨New Year’s Eve
¨Ghosts of Girls Past
¨Dear John

Things you might see in Chick Flicks.

¨The man does something wrong

¨The man says something bad to the girl

¨Things that make women happy

¨Things that make women sad

¨How to treat your women

¨Romance, Music  Ends Happily Ever After

My Mom’s favorite Chick Flick is Gone With the Wind

Chick Flick List of Songs

I asked my friends if they liked Chick
Corey,Taylor,HuelsmenBecca, Leis, 
Max Slinde, and Logan Collier all said yes.

Katie and my favorite is The Lucky One.

This movie is  about Zack Efron.  He is the Best Actor in The Lucky One.I will tell you facts about him .He is good kisser, has super strength and courage.He is one of a kind at all times in the movie. 

The End. 
 This Connor Dawson I'm out.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Facebook Safety -by Megan Goodman

  1. Never share password 
  2. Think before you post 
  3. Adjust your privacy settings
  4. Only be friends with people you know in Real Life 
  5. be nice 
Questions- Answered by Megan.
Q- A stranger that I have never met before sent me a friend request on Facebook. Should I say yes? (Accept?)
A- No WAY!!

Q- Someone asked for my password. Should I give it to them?
A- No WAY!

Q- My friend made me mad and I want to write something mean about her on Facebook. Or make a mean video about her.
A- you Should not That not nice

Facebook is fun if you are using it safely

Tommy's Grateful Journal

By Tommy Steiner.

  • Little Cousins Bernie and Lukie
  • Friends Lauren and Tammi
  • My brother's shows
  • My papa in heaven 
  • My teacher Cooke and Disney
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH)
  • Derby Dinner shows and Bekki Jo
  • Meaningful Day
  • YMCA and Mrs. Sherrell and Garrett and Gracie
  • Providence High School
  • Eating at Chic Fil A
  • Swimming at the Y
  • CYO Camp
  • Patsy
  • Jeffery and eating rice at Panda Express
  • Tom and Diane and Father Dan
  • Coach Berry and Providence ballgames
  • Sound of Music at New Albany HS
  • Getting to watch Annie DVD
  • Chris Burke
  • Shopping at JayC and going to Robbie's house
  • Dad's swim trunks
  • Charlotte and Bernadette and Luke and Sam
  • Floyd Central and IUS
  • Mary Poppins 
  • Doug and Ron and Forsees 
  • Joe Dotson
  • Carly and Carly's mom
  • Kathleen's Wedding
  • High School Musical
  • Joe and Nick and Steven 
  • Jeff's Wedding 
  • Glen Lake
  • Music in Dad's car
  • Me and Lauren Bird
  • IU and SIGS
  • My Brother
  • Me and Paige and her dog Huck
  • Ed and Steve 
  • Brenden and Leah and the Buddy Walk
  • Baby Clare and Luke
  • OLPH Church and Peggy's house
  • Christmas Music 
  • Mom and Dad (This one was spoken to the class.)