Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Hometown Louisville, Kentucky

My Hometown
Louisville,  Kentucky
By Adam Jackson
The Derby is hosted at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday  of May.

bats are made here.

The Louisville Zoo has 1,700 animals.

Louisville has great restaurants.

Louisville  football is exciting!

#8 Lamar JacksonPosition: QB
First UofL football player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Louisville is a fun time. You can go to the movies,  go  bowling and go  out to eat.  Going to  a football game at Papa John’s Stadium to see Louisville is fun when they win.   The UL football team is cool.  It's my favorite.  Lots of people, like my parents go to Derby and I go to the Oaks on the day before Derby. Seeing the Louisville Bats and going to the Slugger Museum is fun too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More Alike Than Different

More Alike  

                      Than Different

Paulette’s Top 10 Table Manners
by Paulette Guest

# 10 Don’t eat until everyone has their food.

#9 Excuse yourself if you have to get up.

#8 Don’t reach for food.

Paulette says, “Pass it on to the person beside you, because everyone has to eat.”

# 7 Sit up straight.
Paulette says, “Don’t slouch.”

# 6 Don’t  drink  with a full mouth.

# 5 Use a napkin to wipe your mouth.
Paulette says, “Do not use your hand or sleeve or you’ll have to wash it!”

#4 Don’t pick your teeth at the table.

 #3 Don’t stab your food.
Paulette says, “Cut and eat it gently.”

#2  Put your cell phone away.

#1 Chew with your mouth closed.
Paulette says, “ We don’t want to see that!”

Facts about Autism 
Research by Corey Morgan

Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects the brain of a person. 

Autism is called a spectrum disorder because there are all types of 

A person with autism can have a hard time with things like learning, communication, or body language. 

This condition is hard to deal with sometimes because of the meltdowns. 

Meltdowns of a person with autism start sometimes out of nowhere.

Meltdowns are not like tantrums, you can’t stop a meltdown, and you have to wait for it to end on its own.

1 out of every 68 people is living with a form of autism. 

At times autistic children may line up toys, cards, dominos, or blocks and they may even sort them. 

Parents, doctors, teachers, and Therapists help these people with their disorder. They can learn different ways to live and work in the community. 

People with autism can have all types of abilities just like everyone else.